Naval History Museum of Venice

The Naval History Museum is owned by the ltalian Navy which manages if as exhibition space dedicated to preserving an d documenting the past.
The museum is currently housed in a building dating from the 15th Century that was once the Granary of the "Serenissima", in Campo "San Biagio", near the Arsenal, an area which to this day remains partly under the contrai of the ltalian Navy.
The conservation of the Arsenal' s records and àrtefacts is today entrusted to the Navàl History Museum, the foremost of its kind in ltaly.
Besides the main building, where the exhibition space is organized on five floors, the museum also includes the Ship Pavilion, originally the oar workshop of the Arsenal.

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Naval History Museum of the Italian Navy
Riva S. Biasio Castello 2148, 30122 Venezia 
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