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Garage Europa: The parking

Garage Europa is situated in the centre of Mestre, not far from Venice. It's open the whole day, all year round, with more than 300 parking spaces

Parking for the Port of Venice

The Garage Europa offers the possibility to leave your car in Mestre and going in relax for your cruise.

Parking for the Carnival of Venice

Re-launched two decades ago, the Carnival was immediately regarded both in Italy and abroad as an event not to be missed Venice Carnival is steeped in histor

Parking for the Venice-Marathon

The Venice Marathon is the most beautiful of Italy for its scenery.   The marathon along the Riviera del Brenta, where you can admire its famous historic villa

Parking with Shuttle Service for Venice.

The Garage Europe is not just a parking!! From today to reach Venice or the port is still easier and cheaper with the new Shuttle Service.Every Saturday and