Visit Venice

St Marco's Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica, a superb example of the Romanesque-Byzantine style with five cupolas, was built (10th cent.) to house the body of the St Mark the Evangelist

Ducale's Palace

The symbolic seat of Venetian power, the Palace is the supreme embodiment of Venetian civilization.

Scuola Grande di san Rocco

The monumental building, seat of the Arch-Confraternity of San Rocco, was constructed between 1517 and 1560 on the designs of Bartolomeo Bon, but was completed

Chiesa della Salute

The Basilica was constructed to commemorate the terrible plague of 1630 -1631 and the consequent votive pronounced by the Doge to obtain the blessing of the Vir

Island of Burano

The island of colour: many artists have used art to express the beauty of Burano, even founding a local school shortly before World War I. The colourful palett