St Marco's Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica, a superb example of the Romanesque-Byzantine style with five cupolas, was built (10th cent.) to house the body of the St Mark the Evangelist.

St Mark’s basilica is a unique monument for the profound spirituality it communicates to the faithful and the visitor, and the richness of its history and architecture, embellished over the centuries with precious marbles and works of art from the most remote corners of the eastern Mediterranean; a splendid workshop where great artists have worked, particularly on the extensive mosaics with episodes from the Old and New Testaments and with stories of St Mark. The soft light that enters the basilica from above seems to divide the earthly world from the supernatural one shining from the gilt mosaics in the domes and vaults. Unfortunately, because of the very large number of visitors, only part of this universal jewel can now be enjoyed: on the web site , its religious and artistic contents and the diverse historical implications needed to understand the role played by the basilica over the centuries are presented, clearly arranged by subject and level of analysis. Visitors’ clothing must be in keeping with the holiness of the place.